for 2-channel fixed support (2006, 6'). First diffused by PerMagnus Lindborg at Festival International de Musique Universitaire, Belfort, France, May 2006.

As with ReTreTorika, Rhetor fragment and Mao-variations, ConstipOrat deals with rhetorics. In the piece, there are sounds from three distinct sources: first, recordings of Mao Zedung speeches in states of increasing transformation and disintegration; second, untreated recordings of a toilet flushing mechanism in a Paris flat; third, sounds obtained from analysis and colour-separation of paintings by Jean Messagier, filtering pink noise. A poetic motivation for the inclusion of the toilet sounds would be the not-so-well-known fact the Mao, probably the most complex and disputed of 20th-century political leaders, suffered from chronic indigestion.