Graviton Dance

generative electroacoustic music for 3D surround diffusion (2012)

"Graviton Dance" (2012) is 3D audio piece developed from "On the String, theatre of music" (Koh, Lindborg, Khiew et al 2010), conceived as a journey of musical metaphors on matter held together by the tiniest conceivable specks: vibrating one-dimensional units of energy expressed as strings. Through a purely generative process, “Graviton Dance” is a kaleïdoscopic sound mobile, driven by a small number of cyclical processes for low-level generation of values for synthesis parameters, creating locally unpredictable musical output and spatialisation. It can perhaps be heard as a ballet choreographed for unobservable, mysterious sound objects wrapping themselves in six curled-up dimensions of imperial clothing while traveling four limitless dimensions of space, their dance somehow enabled by the innards of time.

Binaural audio - use headphones to hear the 3D movement of sound objects!

Caveat: the binaural encoding used is KEMAR1, which doesn't take into account the individual variations of your HRTF. Please note that this audo file is an arbitrary instance of a generative piece of music. The piece is slightly different each time it's performed. In concert, a MaxMSP patcher is used to create the sound diffusion over a (large) loudspeaker array. As far as immersive experiences go - for Graviton Dance - nothing beats hearing it live, in a physical concert space!

Two versions of Graviton Dance have been presented. At the "On the String" multimedia performances in Singapore (13-15 June 2010), we used 28 output channels distributed onto 65 physical loudspeakers in a complex 3D setup (see ICMC article), but sound was fixed. For the WOCMAT concert in Taiwan (1 December 2012), a revised concert version was created, with real-time algorithmic sound synthesis, and for a setup with 11 loudspeakers arranged to achieve 3D.