When We Collide

generative audio installation (2015)

The idea for When We Collide sprang from Douglas Hofstader’s metaphor of creativity as the meeting between records and record players, appearing in his 1979 book "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid". In our case, the records are soundfiles, whilst the record player is a generative system. The player analyses, selects, mixes, transforms, and spatialises the material created by the composers (monophonic and quadraphonic soundfiles). The system negotiates between algorithms that tend towards monotony (in terms of loudness, spatialisation, and frequency spectrum) and algorithms that tend towards variability (in terms of soundfiles, transformations, and scenes). In a nutshell, the installation is a space where sonic ideas collide and co-exist.

Commissioned for Si15 Soundislands Festival, 18-23 August 2015, Singapore, with support from the National Arts Council of Singapore.
First exhibited at The Arts House (19 August) and ArtScience Museum (23 August)

When We Collide was commissioned by Joyce Beetuan Koh with support from National Art Council for the Si15 Soundislands Festival, 18-23 August 2015, in Singapore. It was exhibited at The Arts House (19 August) and at the ArtScience Museum (23 August).

Booklet, printed for the exhibition (PDF)

Audio clip