freq-out {1…8}

series of collaborative sound installations (2003-2012)

concept by Carl Michael von Hausswolff

See for all events + full list of participants.

The recordings were made in the afternoon of Saturday 18 February 2012 in each of the 4 rooms of the freq-out 8 exhibition at Moderna Muséet, Stockholm, with visitors present.

Room 1: blue (16 MB, binaural, mp3 - use headphones!)

Room 2: yellow (excerpt, 56 MB, binaural, aif - use headphones!)

Room 3: window (excerpt, 94 MB, 5.1 LRCLfeLsRs, aif)

Room 4: red (excerpt, 63 MB, B-format, aif)

Equipment: CoreSound TetraMic (#2144) to SoundDevices 788T. Transferred to Ambisonic B-format with VVtetraVST, and to binaural (KEMAR-1) and other formats with Harpex-B.