audiovisual improvisation framework (2008-11)

Lindborg, PerMagnus (2013). “Skalldans, an audiovisual improvisation framework”. Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013 (SMC 2013), Stockholm, Sweden. July 2013, pp. 415-418. [SMC proceedings] [poster]

Audiovisual improvisation framework, for laptop performer. This is a MaxMSPJitter piece where sound and video are controlled using a uc33e and a Wiimote; the streams also influence each other. The visuals are created by mixing live input with a 3D object made from a MRI scan of my skull. I had an accident - walked straight into a glass pane and went unconscious, can you believe it - so thedoctors decided to check if the cranium was cracked. Apparently it's OK, but I've felt like a different person ever after. I admit that the piece is a vanitas, a (not too serious) dance with death…but who knows what the next encounter will be like?

Skalldans v3.0 at Nordic Music Days, Reykjavik, Iceland, 6 October 2011. Further improvements to the tracking, and reworked mappings with the uc33e.

Skalldans v2.0 at Happy Ears Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium, August 2008. This is the second version, now using a Wiimote and built-in iSight to track head bobbing movements.

Skalldans v1.5 at Choppa Festival, LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, January 2008. Together with Lindsay Vickery on bass clarinet.

Skalldans v1.0 as part of Metal.Blown (2008) multimedia performance. In the first version, I used a joystick to control video.