The Locust Wrath - sonifications

multimedia dance performance (2013)

Liong Angela, Koh Joyce Beetuan & Lindborg PerMagnus (2013). The Locust Wrath, multimedia dance performance. Produced by ArtsFission. performed at HeloTrans gallery, Singapore, September 2013. Documentary DVD by InterFilm available through National Library Board, Singapore.

Soundclip from Locust Wrath Epilogue (binaural, use headphones!)

Lindborg PerMagnus & Liong Shie-Yui (2014). "Hearing is Believing: Interactive Sonification of Weather Data from South-East Asia 1960-2099". International Symposium 'Environmental Visions', 24-26 January 2014, Singapore. [slides, pdf] [talk, mp3]


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