CV // digital portfolio

Here's my CV, and Research Output. See also long bio and short bio. The Catalogue has full chronological records of research publications, software and creative artwork.

For artwork, check the Art Portfolio or my pages at SoundCloud or Vimeo. Music scores are published by MIC Norway (some scores are here). Find more by clicking on Artwork.

For research, my Academia and ResearchGate pages are the best places. Try also GoogleScholar, DR-NTU, or ORCID, and a page about my Doctorate. Here's a listing of my Research grants. Find more by clicking on Research.

My teaching material is at Sound@ADM, with student research, showcases, and archives (see also YouTube). See also the Portfolio of student works. Here's my notable Teaching achievements and student feedback.

Here's a record of my Academic management and Public outreach. My most significant initiative is the biannual Soundislands Festivals in 2013, 2015, and 2017.