April 13: Golden City Variations premiered by Berlin PianoPercussion Ensemble, commissioned with support from Siemens Stiftung.

-- until March 4: Tuamotus Triptych at The Oceanic, CCA, Singapore.

February 2-3: Axis - Anatomy of Space (abbreviated version), screening at The Oceanic, CCA, Singapore.

January 27: Conference presentation at Convening #3 CCA, Singapore.


December 9 - March 4 (2018): Tuamotus Triptych (soundscape composition) featured at The Oceanic: exhibition at NTU-CCA, Singapore.

November 29: talk at the Composer Forum at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway - my alma mater!.

November 17: visit and talk at Multisensory Experience Lab, Copenhagen, Denmark.

November 16: talk on soundscape perception at 'Man and Sound' Symposium Ljudmiljöcentrum, Lund, Sweden.

October 15-20: Pacific Belltower, sonification installation of live Internet earthquake data at XuHui Art Museum, ICMC, Shanghai, China. Also a proceedings paper describing the work, and co-author on a paper on Gumowski-Mira maps.

October 12: TuskExtraction, ConstipOrat at ACMP concert, Paiknam Music Hall, Hanyang Unviersity, Seoul

October 1: Tusalava with Chi Him Chik at concert at UMKC Conservatory, Kansas, USA.

August 25-27: co-author on paper at APSCOM, Kyoto, Japan.

June 21-22: Axis - Anatomy of Space at Stardome Observatory / Tempo Dance Festival NZ, Auckland.

June 11-16: Axis - Anatomy of Space at ISEA / International Image festival, Manizales, Colombia.

April 5-10: Axis - Anatomy of Space (installation version) at The Arts House, Singapore.

April 5 - 10: Chairing Si17 Soundislands Festival, The Arts House, Singapore, with concert performances, installation, symposium, outreach events, and film screening.

March 22 - 28: Axis - Anatomy of Space, dome projected hemispheric dance art film, with surround sound, by Good Company Arts, at Otago Museum Planetarium, New Zealand. Electroacoustic music by PerMagnus Lindborg and Joyce Beetuan Koh.

February 19: Bùgò Resonances, performance by Shane Thio, SETTS #5.

January 6: Presentation on urban soundscape/smellscape and panel at NTU-CCA, Singapore.


December 3: Personality Traits Bias the Perceived Quality of Sonic Environments, article in Applied Sciences.

December 3: Structured sensory walk (soundscape and smellscape) of Tiong Bahru market.

November 22-25 : Invited keynote at Volume 2 Symposium, Aalto University, Helsinki + preview of Pacific Bell Tower, sound installation.

November 14: Presentation on sonification, soundscape, and sound art at Yale-NUS College + preview of Pacific Belltower, sound installation.

August 10: Does it matter how noisy Singapore classrooms are? Presentation at Driven to Distraction Symposium, NIE.

July 1-17: Triannium Fellow with TBA21: underwater and air sound recordings in French Polynesia.

July 5: Porous Emerald, short story / article in ISSUE-05.

May 15: Proceedings of Si15, Special issue in Array (guest editor; 17 articles by 22 authors)

April 22 - 1 May: Freq-Out #12 site-specific sound installation, Vienna.

April 19: A taxonomy of sound sources in restaurants, article in Applied Acoustics.


December 11: Doctoral dissertation at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden: Sound perception and design in multimodal environments.

December 7:Colour association with music is mediated by emotion. Article in PLOS-ONE.

December 2-5: Exhibiting sound sculpture LW24 at National Gallery, Singapore.

August 18-23: Chairing Si15 Soundislands Festival.

August 19 + 23: Exhibited When We Collide, generative surround sound installation, at ArtScience Museum.

July 7: Locust Wrath: An iOS audience participatory auditory display. Paper at ICAD, Graz.

March 15 - April 20: Exhibited sound sculpture LW24 at ADM Gallery, Singapore.

May 1: Article in Applied Acoustics on restaurant soundscape perception.

January 30 - February 8: Sound design for "2wentyYears", ArtsFission, Singapore.


October 12: Freq-Out 1.2 ∞ permanent sound installation at Skandion, Uppsala.

October 11: Locust Wrath 2, demo at Liquid Architecture, Singapore.

October 1: Launch of eContact! 16.2 – Sound Art and Interactivity in Singapore: SI13 and More (guest editor; 17 articles by 22 authors)

September 14-20: Locust Wrath 2 exhibited at ICMC-SMC, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.

August 3-8: Invited oral paper & Session Chair at ICMPC-APSCOM, Seoul.

January 24-26: Presentation of Locust Wrath at EV2014, Singapore.


November 14-16: Chair and organiser of SI13: NTU/ADM Symposium on Sound and Interactivity 2013.

October 19: Bùgò Resonances at Nordic Music Days, Helsinki.

October 16: Man bör kalla saker vid deras rätta namn at Nordic Music Days, Helsinki.

October 16: Seminar "Extended Role of Artist" (panel discussion participant) at Nordic Music Days, Helsinki.

September 5-15: The Canopy (#2) at World Stage Design festival, Cardiff.

August 11-17: Graviton Dance - Semantic Space at International Computer Music Conference, Perth.

August 2-6: SMC Sound and Music Computing Summer School, Stockholm.

July 30 - August 3: Two papers accepted for SMAC-SMC (Sound and Music Computing Conference, Stockholm. Also, a poster by my students Maureen Aw and Michael Lim.

July 15-19: Poster presentation of EAT project at AESOP/ACSP, Dublin.

June 18: Seminar on physiological measurement at TMH/KTH, Stockholm.

June 11-16: Paper at ICME3, Jyväskylä, Finland (and Chair for 'Measurement' session). Also, a paper by my student Miracle Lim. Check the Program.

March 5: Seminar on sound perception at TMH/KTH, Stockholm.

February 21-24: freq-out 9, opening show at Sonic Acts Festival a.k.a. Dark Universe… sound installation at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Read an article about freq-out.


November 30 - December 1: Invited composer at WOCMAT, showing TimeTravel Explorations, generative-participatory audiovisual installation, as well as Graviton Dance (from On the String) in a concert version.

October 12-13: Performance of Tusalava together with Tim O'Dwyer, and presentation of audiovisual research and artworks at International Symposium on Visual Music, ADM, NTU, Singapore.

July 23-28: "How fun is this? A questionnaire study about experiencing an interactive sound installation" and "Correlations between acoustic features, personality traits and perception of soundscapes", at ICMPC12 in Thessaloniki.

June 11-16: "Correlations between acoustic features, personality traits and perception of soundscapes", at EMS12 in Stockholm.

June 9: First performance of Nosferatu's Ship, at Den Frie in Copenhagen. With Lars Lien (sax).

March 28: "Interactive Sound Installations: Design and Perception" at ADM Research Colloquium in Singapore.

February: Lars Lien and Jason Geistweidt play Tusalava in Tromsø, Norway.

February 13-19: freq-out 8, collaborative sound installation, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.

January 30 - February 2: TimeTravel-tune in, networked installation-performance. Nordlys Festival, Tromsø & Innovation Centre, Singapore.


December 6-9: Guest lectures/workshops Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan.

October 5-9: Skalldans, audiovisual performance, at Nordic Music Days, Reykjavik, Iceland.

September 26-9: Guest lecturer at Tromsø Music Conservatory, Norway.

July 31 - August 5 : The Canopy, interactive sound installation, and "Multidimensional sound diffusion for 'On the String'", paper at ICMC, Huddersfield, UK.

June 15: Opening of Walking Bach Slowly, interactive sound installation, at the Institute for Media Innovation, NTU.

April 13: Guest lecture at WKW School of Communication, NTU, Singapore.


November 25: "On the sound design in 'On the String'", presentation of paper co-authered with Joyce Beetuan Koh, at Ircam Forum, Paris.

November 19: "On the sound design in 'On the String'", presentation of paper co-authered with Joyce Beetuan Koh, at KTH [Royal Institute of Technology], Stockholm.

October: Singapore Voices at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore.

August 23-9: "Perception of emotion portrayal in cartoons by aurally and visually oriented people". Paper at 11th International Conference in Music Perception and Cognition, Seattle, Washington, US.

August 2-6: Participating at KTH/TMH's course "Function of the Singing Voice", led by prof Johan Sundberg, at Malmköping, Sweden. Some picture here.

June 4-5: On the String at Singapore Arts Festival, by Joyce Beetuan Koh (composition, concept, direction), PerMagnus Lindborg (sound art and interaction design), Dirk Stromberg, Khiew Huey Chian, Lim Woan Wen, Samuel Wong and Shane Thio. Commissioned by National Arts Council.

March 27: NoInputOrkes at Choppa, with Darren Moore, Brian O'Reilly, Mark Chan, Tim O'Dwyer and PerMagnus Lindborg.


November 23: Nosferatu, new film music for Murnau's classic horror picture. With Kwong Jiebao, Derek Lim, Iron Egg, Samuel Wong and Yinstraits Quartet. Commissioned for Monster Mania Festival, Singapore.

August 2009--June 2010: Singapore Voices at various locations at NTU, Singapore.

June 27: tore the left knee anterior cruciform ligament (ACL); 2 surgeries, a week of painkillers after each, 5 months of rehabilitation before managing to "run" the 400 meter track again...

March 30: "Reading Voices". Paper at Sound & Literature Conference, NTU, Singapore.

March 4: Opening of Singapore Voices, an interactive sound installation with images. With Ng Bee Chin, Roeland Stulemeier, Joel Yuan. NEC, NTU, Singapore. Oral presentation at the conference.


November 8: Tusalava with SoniCT at Third Practice Festival.

November 6: Tusalava with SoniCT at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Unruly Music series.

September 13-20: freq_out #07 collaborative sound installation and concert performance at Happy New Ears, Belgium. Also, solo performance of Skalldans for live video & sound.

August 14+15: LAXASK sound & video performance at SOTA Festival with PerMagnus Lindborg, electronics & Tim O'Dwyer, sax. Pieces by Rudi, Herriot and Lindborg.

July 26-August 03: Conference paper at the International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA 2008, Singapore.

June 12: Presentation of work on Particular Assembly and the musicality of rhetoric, at Ircam Forum, Paris.

June 6: Tusalava with Jörgen Pettersson in Portugal.

May 16-17: Adjudicator at violin competition at Hochiminh City Conservatory, Vietnam; part of Transposition. Also, lab with the composition students.

April 06: First performance of the revised version of Man bör kalla saker vid deras rätta namn by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble conducted by Chan Tze Law, at YST Conservatory and at Esplanade, Singapore.

April 04-05: Electroacoustic composition seminar & workshop at Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory, Vietnam; part of Transposition.

April 03: Radio interview on Singapore's Symphony 92.4, presenting TreeTorika and other works.

March 20: Metal: Blown, Plucked Lit, the first multimedia performance at the School of Art|Design|Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, featuring works by Francesconi, Koh, Sonderegge and Lindborg.

February 01: "About TreeTorika: rhetoric, CAAC and Mao", chapter in OM Composer's Book 2, IRCAM/Delatour.

January 26: First diffusion of video work Swirls, Edges and first performance of video|sound interactive work Skalldans with Lindsay Vickery on bass clarinet and electronics at Choppa Festival, Singapore.

January 12-18: Tusalava on tour with Matt Sintchak and Jeff Herriot (12: Whitewater, Wisconsin; 17: Hallwalls, Buffalo ; 18: Eastman, USA)


December 18: paper at the 1st Vietnam Conference on Composers' Rights. Part of Transposition exchange program, Hanoi, Vietnam.

December 07: First performance of Man bör kalla saker vid deras rätta namn for Bit20 chamber ensemble and Jonathan Stockhammer, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

November 23: Taking up faculty position as Assistant Professor at School of Art|Design|Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

November 17: Tusalava with Jörgen Pettersson, Västerås Concert Hall, Sweden. [announcement]

November 06: portrait concert at New Directions Festival, Singapore with first screening of video works: TuskExtraction, ConstipOrat and L'éventail en cuivre.

October 20: Tusalava with Jörgen Pettersson, Turino, Italy.

July 21: some flickr

July 11-13: Paper entitled "Preparing for TreeTorika: Computer-assisted analysis of Mao's oratory" and performance of Le mammouth englouti at SMC07, Greece.

June 12-14: Presentation at Ircam Forum, France.

June 4: First performance of Le mammouth englouti for loudspeakers at IMEB-Festival Synthèse, Bourges, France. [program]

May 30: Kerstin Nylander, pianist, my very inspiring teacher during the years at Ingesund (1990-1994), dies at 50.

May 17-19: Composition workshops at Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory, Vietnam.

April 29: Beeper, electronacoustic duo with Joyce Beetuan Koh at Choppa, Pitch Black Bar, Singapore.

March 25: Electronic improvisation solo and in duo with Lindsay Vickery at Choppa, Pitch Black Bar, Singapore.

March 19: Taking up teaching position as Lecturer in Music Technology at LaSalle, College of the Arts, Singapore.

March: moving from France to Singapore…

February 28: Tusalava with Matt Sintchak & Jeff Herriot at North American Saxophone Conference in Chicago, USA.

February 19-25: freq-out at Mücsarnok, Budapest, Hungary.

January 31: webpage overhaul… see a.o. MaOraTorika, TreGraphie and a few revised research papers.

January 27: Tusalava with Matt Sintchak & Jeff Herriot at Augustana College in Iowa, USA.

Jan 14 - Feb 18: audio contribution at installation Surface Tension_Curitiba in Ybakatu, Brasil.


December 14: "SynTorika45" by Ensemble Utopik in Weimar, Germany.

December 5: "RGBmix1-SaxCon" by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet in Gothenburg, Sweden.

November 22: "SynTorika45" by Ensemble Utopik in Turino, Italy.

November 17: First performance of "SynTorika45" by Ensemble Utopik at Lieu Unique, Nantes, France

October 14: First performance of "TreeTorika" for chamber orchestra, commissioned by the Ensemble Ernst, at Ultima, Oslo, Norway.

October 7: "RGBmix1-SaxCon", first performance by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet at the Nordic Music Days, Reykjavik, Iceland.

September 22: Seminars at Baptist University and HK Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong.

September 20: Research Colloquium at Hong Kong University (paper)

September 16: Seminar at NAFA in Singapore.

July 16: First performance of "Mao-variations" at Shingle Church Music Festival, Kärsämäkki, Finland.

June 16: First performance of "Tregraphie" by Joyce Beetuan Koh and PM Lindborg, and "ConstipOratorio" at Montbéliard, France.

June 14: First performance of "MessagierEsquisse" at Montbéliard, France.

June 4: First performance of "ConstipOratorio" at FIMU Festival, Belfort, France.

June 3: freq-out orchestra live at Berliner Festspielhaus, Germany.

June 1: freq-out 4 installation at sonambiente festival, Berlin, Germany.

May 9: "Solomon Song #2" at St Pancras Church, London, England.

April 22: "Búgó Resonances" with Yseult Jost in Serena, Chile.

April 12: "Tusalava" with Matt Sintchak and Jeff Herriot in Wisconsin, USA.

February 4: "ReTreTorika", "TreTriTroi" and "Tusalava"with Affinis Quartet at Ilios festival, Harstad, Norway.

February 2: "ReTreTorika" first performances, "TreTriTroi" and "Tusalava" with Affinis Quartet in Hamar, Norway.

January 21: "Jag åt bokstaven A…" with Dragana Serbanovic and Joël Lorcérie in Montbéliard, France.


2005-1215: "Tusalava" with Jörgen Pettersson in Moscow, Russia.

2005-1214: "Tusalava" with Henri-Michel Garzia (trombone!) at Palot, Montbéliard, France.

2005-1207: "TreTriTroi" first performance with Affinis Quartet at Parkteatret, Oslo. And "Tusalava" with Lars Lien. [program] [poster]

2005-1127: "Jag åt bokstaven A…" with EGO at Atalante, Göteborg, Sweden.

2005-1021: "Búgó Resonances" launch performance Spectrum 4 by ABRSM (CD+score) with Thalia Myers.

2005-1001: Freq_out at Nuit Blanche, HQ du Parti Communiste, Paris [soundclip]

2005-0930: Jörgen Pettersson plays Tusalava revis(it)ed at COMA2005, Sweden.

2005-0915: Moved from Paris to Montbéliard.

2005-0710: webpage overhaul…

2005-0615+17: First performance of "il gui basso" and first diffusion in France of "Extra Quality Excerpts"at Palot, Montbéliard. Concerts by the École Nationale de Musique.

2005-0403: Tusalava at Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris with Jörgen Pettersson.

2005-0227: Three first performances at portrait concert with music by BB Skjelbred and PM Lindborg. [poster]

2005-0219: First performance of "Jag åt upp bokstaven A som trillade ut ur ditt öra" at Stockholm New Music Festival 2005 by EGO. (concert program).

2005-0118: Taking up teaching position (musique électroacoustique) at École Nationale de Musique, Montbéliard.

2004-1222: Artist postings on ruccas.org.

2004-1001: Good reception of "freq_out" CD from critics.

2004-0920: "Tusalava" at Nordic Music Days.

2004 October: freq_out sound installation at Høvikodden Gallery, Oslo.

2004-1006: freq_out orchestra performance at Blå, Oslo.

2004-1005: Presentation at Atelier Nord, Oslo.

2004-0606: First performance of "Edenkobener Bagatellen" by Prodromos Symeonidis at Herrenhaus Edenkoben.

2004-0516: First performance of "Sechzehn Wege das Nein zu Vermeiden" with Joyce Bee Tuan Koh and Karl-Heinz Ott at Herrenhaus Edenkoben.

2004-0403: "Tusalava" at Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival with Lars Lien.

2004-0301: Publication of "Leçons" article by Springer Verlag.

2004 February-June: composer guest at Herrenhaus Edenkoben, Germany.

2004-0201: First performance of "rgbmix2-PUGNUS" by Poing trio, on tour in Sweden.

2003-1215: Hypermedia article on Wallin's Phonotope 1

2003-1201: CD release Ash International #5.8 a follow-up on "D!sturbances" project.

2003-1001: DEA (diplôme d'études approfondies) de musique et musicologie du XXième siècle, Université Paris-4 Sorbonne, Paris.

2003-0707: Älvi Weiyu is born!

2003-0601: "D!sturbances" sound installation in Copenhagen.

2003-0401: Appointed Artistic Director for festival in.Fini.04 at Institut Finlandais, Paris.

2003-0403: "Extra Quality Excerpts" first performance at the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival.

2003-0327: First performance of "Séquence#3" with choreographer Mié Coquempot, Paris.

2002-1217: Chairperson at MSMEP-2002.

2002-1118: "Bombastic SonoSofisms" in concert, Oslo.

2002-1101: New homepage up.

2002-1001: CD release: Frode Haltli plays Bombastic on new ECM recording : listen to an excerpt

2002-1017: "khreia" first performance by Zsolt Nagy and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

2002-0901: "Extra Quality #2" webpage with pictures & sounds from Centre George Pompidou.